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Our Services

Whether you're buying your apartment building, looking to expand your portfolio or anything in between, First Capital Investment Realty will work with you to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. See our wide range of professional services to get started.

Property Listing and Marketing

At First Capital Investment Realty, we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully market commercial properties to the right audience. We have a wide network of potential buyers and tenants, and we use a variety of marketing channels to advertise available properties. This includes our own website, industry-specific listings websites, and local and national print and online publications. We also use social media, email marketing, and targeted advertising to reach the right audience.

Property Valuation and Analysis:

When it comes to commercial real estate, accurate property valuation is key. That's why we take the time to carefully assess the value of a property using industry-standard methods and our extensive market knowledge. We also offer market research, feasibility studies, and financial analysis to help our clients understand the potential returns and risks associated with a particular property or market.

Negotiation and Transaction Support

At First Capital Investment Realty, we want to make the process of buying, selling, or leasing commercial properties as easy as possible for our clients. That's why we offer support with everything from negotiating favorable terms to navigating the legal and regulatory aspects of the transaction. We also provide assistance with financing options, property inspections, and other due diligence activities to ensure that our clients have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

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